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We are a paranormal investigation  group servicing private homes and commercial properties in Maryland, please contact us when needing help with possible paranormal activity. The team will research to the best of our abilities, interview clients for baseline information and hot spots. We will review all evidence obtained during the investigation. A full investigation will include electronic voice phenomenon recordings (evp), electromagnetic field detector readings (emf), recordings, photos, infrared video and personal experiences. Our approach is to try to debunk it with professionalism, rational logic and an open mind. If we can't then it may be paranormal. If you believe you are experiencing paranormal activity, we are here to help. 

We are happy to provide this service and evidence free of charge. In the event we find something that we feel needs to be addressed, we will offer our best advice how to handle your situation.

(All pictures, videos, etc. obtained in our investigation will be property of Basement Paranormal. This material can be used on our web site for future clients to view. We will keep details of location to a minimum to protect your anonymity)

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